International Women’s Day. It’s “normal”


In Mexico, we learn early that we have to be careful.

They teach us that our freedom is limited,

That the streets are dangerous,

That we must hide our bodies.

It’s normal.

In Mexico, since we’re little, they teach us to be afraid.

Girls disappear and women are raped.

In Mexico a rapist can run for governor.

11 feminicides a day.

In Mexico it’s normal.

We grow up normalizing fear.

Fear of the streets, fear of the police, fear of the government.

It’s normal.

The police rape us.

The prosecutor’s office revictimizes us.

Institutions abuse us.

The government makes us invisible.

It’s normal.

In Mexico we learn that the colour of our skin defines us,

That our bank account determines us,

That language belongs to men,

And that we must shut up.

What clothes were you wearing?

How many drinks did you have?

Why were you walking alone?

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